Sunday, December 23, 2012

ZeroMQ Benefits and History

iMatix is behind Zeromq and looks like a consulting company for it which specializes in using it for the financial industry. "ZeroMQ is used by around 160 firms, estimates FastMQ CEO Martin Sustrik,
in everything from game servers to scientific computing to the sector
it's really meant for, financial market data.  He continues, people
appreciate how light and fast this software is.  It runs on practically
every system, speaks every language, and is very, very fast."

Zeromq had a major incompatibilities between versions of the api even making changes to the wire protocol. These major changes have stopped though and the project was forked to create

Zeromq should now be much more stable between versions

You don't have to make sure that the server is bound to the socket before clients accept

Con apparently?

what happens if a disconnect happens between the send and the recv?
Answer: Seems that you can set a timeout or use a Poller - This part of the guide talks alot about the problems this guy was having.

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