Monday, December 3, 2012

Illegal Characters in Cookies

Today I had a issue when setting a cookie in the browser where the server would simply not recognize that I had set the cookie. I was running Tomcat 7 and after a bunch of debugging I realized that it was because I had an @ sign in the cookie value. Interestingly tomcat didn't show an error it just ignored the cookie which was quite annoying.


public void setValue(String newValue)
Assigns a new value to a cookie after the cookie is created. If you use a binary value, you may want to use BASE64 encoding.With Version 0 cookies, values should not contain white space, brackets, parentheses, equals signs, commas, double quotes, slashes, question marks, at signs, colons, and semicolons. Empty values may not behave the same way on all browsers.
newValue - a String specifying the new value
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