Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Behavior Driven Development vs. Test Driven Development

Excellent explanation of why we do not write our tests tied to the implementation of the solution. If you are developing in the Java world, and want to try out BDD, checkout JBehave. BDD vs TDD (explained)

Another great video on the topic. Behavior Driven Development

Writing software in an organisation or for ourselves, many people feel that they "should" somehow be doing Test Driven Development (TDD) because "everybody else" is and it's cool, somewhere between necessary and useful and they heard testing was good. When informed that must of TDD isn't about testing (despite the name!), confusion reigns.

Behaviour Driven Development is a different way of approaching the "how to validate your code" problem.
TDD You are actually specifying what should be happening and not testing what is happening.Instead of thinking about what is the next function I need to implement think about what is the next feature I need to implement.

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